Arwani Trading Company was established over 2 decades ago, the company is located in Dubai and has over the years acquired a wide and diversified portfolio of products, our main divisions are: 1. Hardware and Tools (such as Power Tools, Air Tools, Hand Tools, Belts, Hose Clips, etc..) 2. Garage Equipment (such as Automotive lifts, Wheel Balancers, Wheel Alignment, Trolley Jacks, etc...) 3. Wood Working Machinery (such as Saws, Planners, Routers, Sanders, Combination Machines, etc...) 4. Aluminum and Metal Working Machinery (such as Saws, Routers, Crimping Machines, Milling Machines, Guilotine Shears, Press Brakes, etc...) 5. Industrial Machinery (such as Welding Machines, Compressors, Generators, High Pressure Hydro Cleaners, etc...)

Products/Services :- Industrial And Automation

Our company sustains its growth with the rapidly increasing market share and brand value in the explosive Engineering sector of our country. Since its establishment in 2008, Hayle Engineering has experienced rapid development from scale, market, the scope of services and other perspectives, and become a high-tech Engineering R&D and manufacturing Company in Agricultural, Industrial and Construction Machinery's and Equipment Our experienced team provides sustainable added value with putting classic dealer-customers understanding aside and they will be with you whenever you need. For this purpose, all of our personnel are at your disposal in the light of our vision, mission, and values which we have written by feeling deeply. We as Hayle Engineering going to continue our new investm

Products/Services :- Machines, Auto Engineered Products

About 25 years of experience with lubricants we pride ourselves as a highly preferred lubrication solutions provider. Synthetic and specialty lubricants we provide are approved by reputable certification bodies. Industries, internationally, ranging from general engineering, cement and mining industry to food processing and so on have remarkably accepted and used our solutions. Our value towards clients comprises of application consultancy, technical support and innovatively engineered synthetic lubricant products customized to industrial standards. These are delivered by our team of highly experienced and certified lubrication specialists all year round. Ultimately...

Products/Services :- Lubricants

KEVIT Industrial Technologies" is a prestigious organization involved in the manufacturing, exporting, trading, and distributing the complete range of Process Control & Measuring Instruments & industrial technology solution provider. We have headquarter in United Kingdom and operations in UAE & India.

Products/Services :- Pressure Gauge, Thermowell , Temperature Gauge, Transmitters, Thermocouple, Orifice Plate

Controltech Middle East has extensive experience in deploying Industrial Automation systems. We have working relationships with leading OEMs and can provide solutions regarding all Automation needs.

Products/Services :- Controltech Middle East Has Extensive Experience In Deploying Industrial Automation Systems. We Have Working Relationships With Leading Oems And Can Provide Solutions Regarding All Automation Needs.

Guangdong R-Yangling Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the production of mask machine products. Maybe everyone is not familiar with it, but R-Yangling has definitely been famous in the industry in recent years. It has set up modern professional factories, research and development centers, and marketing centers. Its products are sold well in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. It owns multiple vape brands and has developed a number of industry-leading products. It has become a well-known brand in vape market segments. In order to enhance the research and development strength of the product itself, R-Yangling Electronics has gathered professional scientific and technological talents in technology and traditional industrie

Products/Services :- Smt Accessories,Equipment,Grease


Products/Services :- Jewellery Machines And Consumables

Electrical Measurement Tools Distributor and Supplier in UAE. Electrical Protection & Time Relay Tools Distributor and Supplier in UAE

Products/Services :- Multifunction Meters,Vaf Meter,Energy Meters,Analog Panel Meters

Welcome to xiamen for travel,by the way,welcome to our company. We are the supplier for industrial automation spare parts.We specialize in PLC module, DCS card pieces, ESD system card pieces, vibration monitoring system card pieces, steam turbine control system module, gas generator spare parts, we have established the relationship with famouse PLC DCS product maintenance service providers in the world. The operating mode of our company is e-commerce, In order to reduce the intermediate links for consumers in the first time to provide quality products and satisfactory service, the company has a sound logistics supply system, is now with many well-known foreign brands manufacturers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.We can directly from the outside of the purchase.

Products/Services :- Industrial Automation Spare Parts

Skye metal coating provides Gold plating, Anodizing, Nickel plating, Tin plating, Silver plating, Chromate conversion coating, passivation, copper coating, Chrome plating, brass plating, antique plating and many more electroplating services in the UAE.

Products/Services :- Gold Plating, Aluminium Anodizing, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating, Tin Plating, Passivation, Chromate Conversion Coating, Copper Plating, Brass Plating, Antique Plating