Arax chemistry Co. Is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and exporting caustic soda flake98% with ( NaoH) formula in Iran.We have been exporting caustic soda since 2008 to many countries like middle east countries, central Asia and African countries. Our high-quality product and our commitment to customers have brought us a global recognition.
Products/Services :- Caustic Soda Flakes

Yesdda refractory co,ltd are the fastest growing manufacturing, export house in Refractories, ferroalloys, including dead burnt magnesite, caustic calcined magnesite , ferro chrome nitride.We have a huge marketing set up across China with a very dedicated and professional team having vast technical  knowledge and experience
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Jinhe Enterprise CO.,Limited concentrates on making the word colorful since founded in 1998, and to be one of the largest suppliers and manufactures of pigments color in 2008 by purchasing an iron oxide factory locates in mainland. And at present our factory has 163,000 square meters and more than 600 employees. There are 5 production lines with 20,000mt annual capacity, which covers range of iron oxide pigments, including iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide orange, iron oxide brown, compound ferric green,compound ferric blue etc. We got ISO9001 certificate and SGS improved in 2009. Selling : Iron oxide red,iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide orange, iron oxide brown, compound ferric green,compound ferric blue,lithopone,Titanium Dioxide Rutile/Anata
Products/Services :- Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide,Carbon Black,Sodium Hexametaphosphate,Chrome Oxide Green, Middle Chrome Yellow.

Located in United Arab Emirates, AL SHABBA CHEMICALS LABORATORY LLC has established itself as a prestigious Importer and Manufacturer of SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS ,ACTIVATION POWDER AND SSD CLEANING MACHINE across different parts of the world. Known for its best quality products, and active customer services with expert technicians, the company is not just restricted towards selling the Speciality Chemicals, they also supply different kinds of chemicals, dyes & solvents etc. AL SHABBA CHEMICALS LABORATORY LLC ships the products in 4-6 DAYS at maximum and provides tons of assistance and guidance for practical payment solutions through T/T, Western Union, Moneygram. For customers purchasing their products in bulk quantity, the good news is that the starting prices of the SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTI
Products/Services :- Ssd Chemical Solution, Machine And Activation Powder

DLFTECH is a service provider specializing in the professional technology and equipment for the tire and conveyor belt industry. In accordance with the development concept of "integration, innovation, transcendence, and leading", we strive for getting through the whole process of tire and conveyor belt industry in terms of realizing Industry 4.0, aiming for bringing new profit growth and lasting market competitiveness to clients and helping them in creating greater social value.
Products/Services :- Tire Machines, Rubber Conveyor Belt Machinery.

Vertical automatic tire trimming machine|Cured tire vent trimmer Application: Vertical automatic tire trimming machine is used to automatically trim the cured tire vent online, without manual intervention. 1, High precision trimming: The length of tread vent after shaving can be controlled within 0.5~1.2mm, and it's 1~2mm for sidewall vents. The vent trimming rate is higher than 99.5%. 2, High efficient trimming: 26~40S per piece of TBR; 16~22S per piece of PCR. 3, High quality of blades: Blades are made of high-technique alloy. The Blades can be sharpened repeatedly up to 8~12 times and able to trim about 30000 pieces of tire after each time of sharpening. Notes:For users with large changes of tires in specifications and models, it is recommended to configure a scanning device,
Products/Services :- Tire Machines, Rubber Conveyor Belt Machinery.

Rising moon trade DWC LLC is engaged in the activity of importing, stocking and distributing products manufactured by internationally reputed organizations.
Products/Services :- Bio Fertilizers Supplier

Maas Pharma Chemicals is a specialist Manufacturing and Trading house for providing Global Quality Pharmaceutical Materials - from discovery to full-scale production - at customer's door step in high growth Pharmaceuticals & healthcare markets, The assortment of materials offered by Maas Pharma includes Indian, Europe, China and US Origin Excipient - Salts & Solvents, Amino Acids & its derivatives, Pharmaceuticals impurities, Laboratory chemicals, and Intermediates. Maas Pharma Chemicals have made a name for it selves worldwide by delivering Global Quality Products ON-TIME to customers Globally, along with the desired Regulatory Documentation Support and after sales, so that you can TRUST YOUR INGREDIENTS.
Products/Services :- Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Xiamen Caogenlan Indsutry is mainly engaged in the production of flavors & fragrances (and pharmaceutical intermediates), and since its factory Yongan Fengfan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd established in 2002, we have been developing for nearly 20 years. Our company has its own factory and laboratory, which can provide the test report you want. Our company has obtained a number of unique patent certificates in the fine chemical products such as natural medicinal grade creosote oil and natural vanillin, and obtained professional certification in BRC, Kosher and IS9001. At present, our products have a long-term cooperation with large international fragrances company. Our factory's monthly production and inventory are very stable.
Products/Services :- Natural Vanillin, Natural Creosote

The main production of high pure chromium series products, and other high purity target, our company uses hydrogen smelting to produce high purity chromium Product quality is superior to the same industry.At present, our products have been widely used in sputtering target, nickel based superalloy,high entropy alloy,aviation materials industry,And has been recognized by customers.
Products/Services :- Metal And Alloy Materials,Special Ceramics Powder,Rare Earth Metal,Precious Metal Powders,Special Industry Powders.