Health insurance Dubai We all know the saying Health is Wealth, so why not add a layer of protection to it using an affordable medical insurance Dubai has to offer. Health insurance is made mandatory for employees in Dubai. The employers are required by law to provide health insurance for their employees. Expats are the next set who are beginning to realize the value of health insurance. The competition between the different insurance companies in Dubai paved the way for more affordable insurance plans that are a lifesaver for expats as well as UAE citizens. If you haven't got one yet, consult an insurance broker to know more

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Redustim is a French designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional slimming equipment since 1998.Expert in the application of BioMagnetic fields in slimming equipment, Cosmosoft is active in domains of Aesthetic (BodySculptor), Health (Redustim) and Fitness (MyoSculptor)..

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EMS Fitness Studio, 20 minutes once a week to get fit, to lose weight, build muscles

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