We are a growing company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We are into manufacturing & SPECIALIST of : We are specialist of many many items but few are noted below : - SCISSORS ALL SORTS, FORCEPS ALL KINDS, NEEDLE HOLDER PLAIN & SERRATED JAWS WITH TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPS AND WITHOUT TIPS, RIB SHEARS, VAGINAL SPECULUM, BARBER SCISSORS, BARBER AND THINNING SCISSOR WITH RAZOR EDGE
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Teeth are main part of the body and increase exquisiteness of the person. By proper care you can make them in a proper form for longtime.
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We are a boutique dental clinic that offers all aspects of general dentistry but our main focus lies within minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful natural smiles without compromising on health and function. Our team of clinicians prioritizes treating any disease that may be present before enhancing one's smile. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, our team works together in providing the best treatment option for our patients, which can range from teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding to orthodontic treatment and veneers or a combination of any of these treatments. We believe that a smile makeover should be an enhancement of one's individual smile rather than a complete change.
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We are the Competent and Quality Minded Manufacturers and Exporters of All Sort of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Complete range of beauty care instruments and Hair Transplants Instruments From Sialkot, Pakistan & are in a very happy position to satisfy our worthy buyers concerning high standard of quality, prices and time of delivery of our Products. Thanks & Regards, Salman
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We are manufacturers and exporters of Surgical and Dental Instruments based in Sialkot-Pakistan. All of our instruments are in accordance with German DIN standard. We may use Japanese, German, French or Pakistani Steel in our instruments as per requirement.
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Helath vison pharmaceutical work n pakistan on dental products
Products/Services :- Dental Product (Paste Mouth Washes Mouth Spry)

Blue tree clinics is a leading medical facility in Dubai that provides an outstanding level of health care through qualified doctors using the latest technology and equipment. We care with the highest degree of dignity, honestly, empathy and trust. We work with our patients, partners and colleagues in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
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scissors, Bandage Scissors, Metzenbaum Scissors, TC scissors, Dissecting Scissor, operating Scissor, forceps, Biopsy Forceps, TC forceps, dental instruments, root elevators, super cut scissors, extracting forceps, handles for mouth mirrors, mouth mirrors,Kerrison Rongeurs etc.
Products/Services :- Scissors, Bandage Scissors, Metzenbaum Scissors, Tc Scissors, Dissecting Scissor, Operating Scissor, Forceps, Biopsy Forceps, Tc Forceps, Dental Instruments, Root Elevators, Super Cut Scissors, Extracting Forceps, Handles For Mouth Mirrors, Mouth

We are manufacturer of DENTAL INSTRUMENTS. We are master of SCISSORS,DENTAL PLIERS,DENTAL EXTRATION FORCEPS,ELEVATORS,SCALLERS,IMPRATION TRAYS,MIRROR HANDLS,DENTAL MIRRORS,MOUTH GAUGS,NEEDLE HOLDERS ETC. Our main aim is to get the confidence of the customers by providing them finest quality products in very very good prices.Because we think,if we give our products to our customers in finest quality with good prices,they can compete and can sell easily in the global market.In this way the Name of our customers will remain top in the market and this will be a real profit for us. OUR CHALLENGE, we challenge that no one can give you products at our prices with same quality.
Products/Services :- Surgical & Dental Instruments

Products/Services :- Dental Instrument