Yash Pharma Machinery Manufacture & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Machineries, Fluid Bed Dryer, Vibro Shifter, Sifter,Multi Mills, Octagonal Blender, Coating Pans, Rapid Mixer Granulators, Double Cone Blenders, Colloid Mills, Drum Mixers, Starch Paste Kettle ,Liquid Filling Machines, Capsule Filling,Ovens Industrial, Pressure Vessels, Screw Conveyors, Tray Dryers, Reactors, Ribbon Blenders,Mass Mixers, Cream Manufacturing Plants, Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Liquid Manufacturing Plant,Storage Tanks, Sparkler Filter Press, etc. Offering our best quality all kind of pharmaceutical machinery such are , Tablet section machinery, Liquid Section machinery, Injection section machinery, Capsule section machinery, Food Industry , Ointments machinery

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Founded in 1995 with a vision to establish a company that would in turn help create a healthier China, Sincere Pharmaceutical Group has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of drugs in the rapidly growing China pharmaceutical market, we now have seven certified Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") manufacturing facilities and three research and development center and over 4,000 employees. Now Sincere has more than 20 Innovative Pharmaceuticals which are under development, and they all have independent intellectual property rights. In 2010, From them we submitted five clinical trial applications to the SFDA. Sincere has more than 20 kinds of bulk drug products have passed the GMP certification. Their preparations are saled in China for many years.

Products/Services :- Diosmectite(Montmorillonite),Aldioxa,Biapenem

With almost 25 years experience in pharma industry we introduce our self as a company with strong belief and dedication to quality.With experience in bulk raw material industry we have now entered into formulation industry with supplies of variety of quality drugs with efficacy & efficiency in mind.We deal in all sorts of drugs namely antibiotics, antihypertensive, analgesics, anti inflammatory, antipyretic, multi vitamins and in all dosage forms.We also deal in Ayurvedic medicines such as pain relieving balms, ointments, energy tablets. etc. We can offer you best wholesale rates with no compromise in quality. Give us a chance and we could be your trusted business partner.

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Kannauj is an ancient place which had a name of "KanyaKubja " , Thousends of years ago during the kind King "Harshwardhana", kannauj was the Capital of India and also famous for Natural perfume making since then. It is know by following names over here "Attar" , "Itra" and "Sugandhit Tel (Fragrant Oil)". Kannauj is an ancient place which had a name of "KanyaKubja " , Thousends of years ago during the kind King "Harshwardhana", kannauj was the Capital of India and also famous for Natural perfume making since then. It is know by following names over here "Attar" , "Itra" and "Sugandhit Tel (Fragrant Oil)". History bears vitnesss to the fact that in the past sacred ancient ages of Vedas , Qurans and Mahabharat .this industry was in existence.

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Stellar Pharmatech is a professionally managed and a dynamic Health Care Company. We are committed to offer best healthcare products through high level of Research & Development and make them available at affordable prices. Stellar Pharmatech strongly believes in an integrated approach to healthcare. It is also engaged in extensive Research & Development of unique Herbal products. At Stellar Pharmatech, we set stringent standards of quality, safety and efficacy for all the products that we manufacture. No wonder, many of our products are best in their category, thanks to the excellent selection and integration of proven Pharmacy and extensively well researched herbal ingredients. We are catering to the needs of vast Indian market as well as exporting our products to CIS countries suc

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We are WHO GMP manufacturers of various Injectables, Capsule etc. Also manufacture Tablets & syrup etc, We welcome the inquiries and assure best quality at most reasonable prices.

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Trading in Pharmaceutical Products (for Export only), Cosmetics, Perfumes and Medical Devices

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Trading in Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Agricultural Products, Live Animals & Products and Animal Feed

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Trading in Cigarettes, Tobacco Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Toiletries, Food Items, Electronic Items (for export only), Castor Oil and Derivatives

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