China-BoweyFilter is one professional production of industrial filtration equipment company,has advanced production technology and equipment, improve the ISO9001 -2008 quality management system and fast and convenient after-sales service network, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, Research and develop, produce and sales of various models of hydraulic filters, fuel filters, lubricants filters, filters and other filters And the matching filter, the company produced by the filter, filter, filter three categories of more than 30 series of nearly 5,000 kinds of specifications of products, widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery and other systems. At the same time of production of standard series of filters,BoweyFilter also undertake domestic and international non-standard filters and filter manufacturing business, and imports of equipment filters and filters of the localization of supporting services.
Products/Services :- Hydraulic Oil Filter Element

Established in 1988, AI SI LI (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing a variety of quality inspection instruments, testing equipments and other high-tech products which mainly include: Programmable constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber, High & Low Temperature Test Chamber, Rapid Temperature Change Chamber, Walk-In temperature humidity test chamber, Thermal shock test chamber, Salt spray chamber, Aging Tester, Drying oven, Xenon Test Chamber, UV Aging Chamber, Ozone Chamber, Dust Chamber,Compression tester, Mechanical vibration tester and other quality testing instruments.
Products/Services :- Testing Equipment

We are a company focus on health and medical care for more than 10 years, We can provide you as following products: 1.Smart Massage products, such as: Head massager, Neck massager, Massage shawl, Eye massager, Knee massager, Leg Massager, Whole body massager, etc. 2.Medical Products, such as:Blood Pressure Monitor, Nebulizer, Oxygen Concentrator, Forehead thermometer, Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, etc.
Products/Services :- Smart Massage Products, Such As: Head Massager, Neck Massager, Massage Shawl, Eye Massager, Knee Massager, Leg Massager, Whole Body Massager, Medical Products, Such As:Blood Pressure Monitor, Nebulizer, Oxygen Concentrator, Forehead Thermometer, Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

China JX Abrasives: top industrial metal abrasive blasting media manufacturer of cast steel shot, cast steel grit, angular bearing steel grit, rail steel grit, cut wire shot (stainless steel shot, zinc shot, aluminum shot, copper shot), shot blast machine(roller conveyor shot blasting machine, rubber & steel belt tumblast machine, hook type shot blasting machine).
Products/Services :- Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot,Aluminum Shot,Copper Shot,Shot Blasting Machine

Hiton Valve established in 2012, which is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of valves in Wenzhou. Hiton's valves production includes ball valve, gate valve, check valve, Strainer and kinds of valve. All Valves are designed and manufactured to API, DIN, JIS, BS and more. we also offer to produces valves designed by customers. Each valve is manufactured to strict technical specifications, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, we sure keep the valve quality from beginning to the end ensure each valve was 100% eligibility. Hiton's valves are exported to worldwide markets due to the stable quality and reasonable prices, our customers include those in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power station and process industries.
Products/Services :- Hiton Valve Is Manufacturer And Exporter Of Valves. Our Production Includes Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Strainer And Kinds Of Valve.

CREATOR COMPONENTS - a trusted Chinese manufacturer of forgings, castings, stampings and all kinds of metal parts. We offer professional forging, casting, stamping, metal parts fabrication services to worldwide customers for a large range of industries. Sales Contact: Jeasin Lee Sales Email:
Products/Services :- Forged Parts, Casted Parts, Forging Parts, Casting Parts, Stamping Parts