Dr Nirdosh is London's Cosmetic Doctor to the Stars. A pioneer, innovator, voice of authority on how to stop the ageing process and best selling author, Dr Nirdosh has revolutionised our understanding of how to reverse ageing. Her discovery of 'Growth Hormone' as the magic bullet to youth led her to develop a ground breaking body plan that makes you younger in just 42 Days! Celebrities prescribe to the Dr Nirdosh Body Plan and use her unique system as a daily lifestyle to help their youth gene flourish.
Products/Services :- Dr Nirdosh: The World Global Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor Injecting The Most Famous Women On The Planet. Appointed Celebrity Doctor To The Stars For Facelifting And Non-Surgical Reconstructive Procedures, Especially Dermal Fillers In Dubai, London And Europe.

Best Spa for Men | Male Spa | Dubai
Products/Services :- Spa Massage

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan
Products/Services :- Stem Cell Therapy

The LK87 pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures oxygen saturation in arterial blood. It shows the average amount of oxygen associated with each haemoglobin molecule, as well as the pulse rate and infusion index. It is a modern diagnostic device easy to use even at home.
Products/Services :- Oximetru, Tensiometru, Saturatie

Registered 2009 Number one in Tanzania on production of Natural Medicine from Tanzanian Plants
Products/Services :- Natural Medicine

Benmoon Pharma Research, racing ahead since the time of its inception, is a well-established and has a remarkable name in the field of Research, Development & Formulation Of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products in India and abroad. Benmoon Pharma Research is a world renowned producer, supplier & exporter of Herbal Products and related herbal preparations. We specialize in adapting the modern techniques and advance science to formulating and developing products to combat the medical challenges of the modern world . We follow GMP guidelines and are a professionally managed organization engaged in production and marketing of quality Herbal Products. Product formulations at our end only comprise of natural materials that have been recognized for being potentially beneficial in all regards.
Products/Services :- Organic Products, Ayurveda Products - Cosmetics, Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Agricultural

OPEN A MISSHA STORE Missha, a global makeup and skincare Company, with more than 3,000+ stores worldwide invites you to be one of our partners STORES FEATURE Custom Wall Cabinet and Make-up Island Custom POP Display Product training and support Marketing and Promotion support And many more features
Products/Services :- Korean Skin Care

Foshan Roson Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating R&D, production and sale of medical instruments. Our company has been approved and registered by GDSFDA with manufacture license as well as the products registration license. Our company has been awarded the certifications of ISO9001: ISO EN13485 and CE issued by TUV Gmbh. We have professional distribution network covering about 30 provinces and regions in China. We also have training lessons for all our salesmen. Our products are exported to about 30 countries and are welcomed by our customers. We always keep in mind "A promise that will be kept" and try our best to make our products "Same price better quality and good quality better price".
Products/Services :- Dental Unit,Dental Chair,Dental Air Compressor,Portable Dental Unit

Gain health and happiness through Ayurveda. Visit the prominent ayurvedic wellness center in Dubai for all rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments. We are following the traditional Ayurveda system and that makes us different. Core Biotics is trying to revive Ayurvedic practices in treatment and therapy. Our innovative techniques of treatment help us achieve results effectively in shorter durations of time.
Products/Services :- Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Skin Care Techniques, Scalp And Skin Follicle Care, Sense Organ Refresher, The Fat Burner Hair Restoration, Managing Thyroid, Kalpa - The Rejuvenation, Eyecare

We deal in organic raw materials such as Cocoa Butter (Cosmetic and food grade) Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (Virgin and Normal) Black Soap from Ghana, West Africa. We provide Grade A quality products with no additive or refinement.
Products/Services :- Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Black Soap, Coconut Oil