We are manufacturers of PVC Cling Films, Aluminium Foils, Plastic Containers for food industry , Facial Tissue Papers, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, Paper Napkins etc etc items which are widely used in food industry for packing and storage.Our Cling films are known for preserving Mushrooms and also cut sea food, meat, Vegetables, etc
Products/Services :- Manufacturers Of Geets Aluminium Foils, Pvc Cling Films, Facial Tissues, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Rolls , Pani Puri

ASG Exim PVT LTD is Vadodara, Gujarat, India based company engaged in Manufacturing & Exports. We Offer the Best and broadest products range along with proactive customer-oriented expertise since last more than 3 years. We are manufacturers and Exporters of "GEET'S" Aluminium Foils, PVC Cling Films,Facial Tissue Papers, Kitchen Rolls,Toilet Rolls and Aluminium Foil Containers, and Ready to Eat Pani Puri. We are Exporters of environment compliant Bio Degradable Garbage Bags, Medical Waste Bags, Vegetable Bags, Grocery Bags, Ready to eat Indian Savouries, Indian Spices, Ready To Eat Food Items which has a Shelf Life of about 1 year (Packed Conditions), Printing Paper, Indian Rice, Pulses and Dehydrated Items, Leaf Disposable Plates, Bowls Glasses & Cups.
Products/Services :- Our Brand Is "Geet's" We Manufacture: Pvc Cling Films, Aluminium Foils, Facial Tissue, Premium Toilet Roll, Kitchen Rolls, Bio Degradable Garbage Bags Etc

Fine Vantage Limited was established in 2004 and has been focus on plastic wrap, baking paper, zipper bag, foil, wet wipe manufacturing.
Products/Services :- Plastic Wrap, Baking Paper, Zipper Bag

A wide range of high quality wholesale food supplies in UAE available at WeMENA at great bulk prices. From pre-packaged canned food items to beverages and drinks, there is everything you require to fill up your grocery store, supermarket, food service company, hotels, restaurants, catering companies in United Arab Emirates.
Products/Services :- Online Wholesale Marketplace

We are an established company since 1974, based in Nairobi, Kenya. We deal mainly with restaurants, hotels, bakeries and other institutions.
Products/Services :- Food Stuffs, Cleaning Products, Baking Products, Disposable Products For Take Away Food Items, Cutlery

AL Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company is industrial product importer, our main product line is different types of aluminium foil and ac copper pipes. We are one of the few companies in UAE whose business goals are focused on maximizing customer budget savings. Our pricing policy is aimed at providing the most comfortable prices for our customers. Our products are certified and high-quality , only trusted and well known manufactures. All products located in Dubai, UAE and we can arrange products sample delivery for quality testing. Our company is a wholesale supplier of goods, we are aimed at long-term cooperation. We can suggest best offers for Aluminium foil and ac copper pipes in Dubai Please check our web site for more information. https://tradingwm.ae/shop
Products/Services :- Aluminium Foil, Ac Copper Pipes

Chateau Blanc is a new European-patisserie specializing in cakes, French pastries macaroons and other delectable treats.
Products/Services :- European-Patisserie Specializing In Cakes

We, Manohar International Pvt Ltd are the Leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Disposable and Hygiene Items for Food Industry and Disposable Products for Hair dressing and Salon Industries. Product List : Aluminium Foil Paper Cup Bouffant / Head Cap Hand Glove Shoe Cover PE Apron Tissue Papers Our products are widely used in Various Industries- Food Industries, Medical and Healthcare, Pharma, Hotel and Salon Supply.
Products/Services :- Disposable Products, Aluminium Foils, Kitchen Foils, Hairdressing Foils, Cups, Coffee Cups, Tea Cups, Disposable Aprons, Disposable Handgloves, Disposable Headcaps, Tissue Papers, Paperrolls, Paper Napkins.

We do export wholesale only.CONTACT WITH US ON WHATSUP-00971567477632
Products/Services :- Al Fakher Tobacco Wholesale

We are one of the largest manufacturers of hygienic disposable & packaging products made of Paper, Aluminum, Foam & Plastics in the UAE .We have more than 3000 products to offer you. Our products are designed as per the requirements of Supermarkets, Star hotels, Airlines, Restaurants & Catering companies, Facilities management companies , hospital & Medical services co. etc..
Products/Services :- Disposable Food Packaging Products