Wrenze Steel company provide steel structure design, Detailing , Engineering ,Supply ,Fabrication and construction with Authorities approvals, Our area of expertise cover the following types of structures : 1. Residential , Commercial Multistory and High- Rise Buildings 2. Pavilions , Showrooms and Retail Shops Steel Structure 3. Warehouses , Workshops and Storage Facilities 4. Oil and Gas , Power Plants and Industrial Steel Structures 5. Grid shells , 3D Trusses and Space Frames 6. Architectural , Interior and Outdoor Steel Frames 7. Parking Sheds , Canopies , Pergolas and Tensile Fabric Structures 8. Power and Telecommunication Lattice Towers 9. Shipping Containers Structures 10. Miscellaneous Steel 1. Lift Shafts Frames 2. Solar Panels Steel Frame Supports 3. Aluminum Structure 4. Facade Frames 5. Staircase and Walkways 6. Handrails 7. Steel Lighting Poles 8. Machines Platforms 9. Solar Panels Structure Stability Study 10. Steel canopy design and construction 11. steel staircase design and construction 12. steel pergola design and construction 13. Steel Mezzanine Design and construction
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Smart Sense Supplies ME FZE with vast years of experiences, the SHRI LED brand of lighting, offering a "one stop shop" for trade and retail accessories. Smart Sense, supplying high efficiency, energy saving LED luminaires to the trade and projects market. Our reputation is based on the reliability and functionality of our innovative products. By offering market leading warranties, technical support, dedicated customer service and marketing backup, we aim to make it easy for customers to specify and install sustainable lighting. Smart Sense believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environmental performance across all our manufacturing and other business activities, continually looking for new methods and materials to provide environmentally friendly
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Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have years of experience in manufacturing of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel tube, hollow section, pipe fittings
Products/Services :- Carbon Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel Tube, Hollow Section, Pipe Fittings.

The one thing property has going for it over equity investments is stability. Moreover, that stability is one of the reasons the UK has been such an attractive investment location for so long.
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NHA Enterprises is involved in the export and import business. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Army & Security accessories.
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we have Porta Cabins for sale in UAE & OMAN Regions with bellow specifications. 1) Hall type size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs. 2) two rooms size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs. 3) two rooms with kitchen & bath, size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs. 4)two Rooms with Two baths size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs. 5) Three Rooms size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs 6) Laundries sizes: 12x3.5Mtrs 7) Masques 8) Guard Rooms size, 3x3.5Mtrs 9)Maid Rooms with Bath 10)Double Floor Office with different sizes.
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Trading in Heavy Equipment & Machinery
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Trading in Crane Rails & Accessories
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