We are based Karachi Pakistan We are Seafood Processors and Exporters. We export Crabs,Topshell,indian mackerel and more on Demand we can supply. Company is working For 2 years As exporter otherwise into Seafood Business for more then 20 years
Products/Services :- Sindh

Giant Food, will are here to satisfy our various customers
Products/Services :- Distributor

exporters of fish and prawns and seafoods
Products/Services :- Sea Foods

Through internet search for a reliable manufacturers/exporters of frozen/canned seafood/Meat, frozen poultry products, fresh vegetables, Milk, essential oils and other agricultural produce, we came across your contact information, beleiving that we have met a partner. We are importer and distributor of same products in Benin Rep since 1999, with branches and cool rooms in almost all the major cities in Benin Rep. Kindly by urgent return mail, furnish us with your full products details for our perusal. Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of a lasting and fruitful business in the near future. Your urgent attention will be highly appreciated. Regards, P. Okeke Cotonou, Benin Rep
Products/Services :- Agro Commodities

Bruzzseafood AS is a premium Norwegian company specialized in catching and supplying seafood (frozen, chilled, fresh, salted, dried, cooked king crab, lobster ,snow crabs, scallop meat, geoduck, salmon fillet, frozensalmon,cod fish, mackerel, etc) to both domestic and international markets. This family run business is a recognised leader in its field for over 15 years whose name is synonymous with both excellence and quality.
Products/Services :- Seafood Products,King Crab, Salmon Fish, Lobsters, Scallops, Geoduck, Snow Crabs Etc

Products/Services :- Fish Food

We produce fresh live snails for meat for human consumption, cosmetics and others healthcare products. We are ready to meet any demand on the highest quality.We are capable of supplying regularly throughout the year, the international market demand. Here we offer wholesales snails for human consumption (live, fresh, frozen) to breeders, processors and packing facilities, restuarants and homes for following; Helix aspersa , Helix Aperta ,Helix Lactea or Otala Lactea (better known as "Spanish snail") Helix pomatia, the "Roman snail" ,Achatina Fulica (export fresh and frozen only) Please contact us to place your orders with quantity and delivery address. Thank you. Product Feature: Live, fresh, frozen , Product Specification / Models Live, fresh, frozen
Products/Services :- Fish, Snail, Vegetables, Papaya

We are leading manufacturer,exporter of frozen seafood,located near the East China Sea. We have more than ten years experiences in frozen seafood and are specialized in processing any frozen seafood. Main products include pacific mackerel, Spanish mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, tuna,grey mullet, tilapia ,moon fish, monk fish,Mahi Mahi,Brama Brama, Sardine, Pacific Saury, croaker, Fish can be commonly produced as whole, whole gutless, headless and gutless (HG), skin or skinless fillets, low or no pin bones, and more.
Products/Services :- Frozen Fish ;Seafood

Am boniface kangethe njoroge-from kenya ; kindly iam looking buyers of HAND TIED FISHING FLYS. PLEASE BELLOW IS THE NAMES ; Pink Cahill, Black Beete Dries US Dollars 4.5 per Dozen of 12 pieces NYMPHS US DOLLARS 4.5 per dozen SPECIAL NYMPHS - US Dollars 4.75 per Dozen WETS US Dollars 4.25 Per Dozen SPECIAL WETS US DOLLARS 4.50 Per Dozen. STREAMERS - US Dollars 5.75 Per Dozen Special Streamers US Dollars 6.5 Per Dozen MUDDLERS US Dollars 8.00 Per Dozen BASBUGS
Products/Services :- Am Boniface Kangethe Njoroge-From Kenya ; Kindly Iam Looking Buyers Of Hand Tied Fishing Flys. Please Bellow Is The Names ; Pink Cahill, Black Beete Dries Us Dollars 4.5 Per Dozen Of 12 Pieces Nymphs