Meraji comrical group
Products/Services :- Slippers, Sandals, Shoes

Mazoon Printing Press is one of the largest printing presses based in Sultanate of Oman. We will provide the best service for our customers. Our all services are affordable price.
Products/Services :- Printing Service

Driltools maintains a wide inventory and stocks in Dubai of the most frequently required oilfield drilling products
Products/Services :- Drilling Chemicals, Foams, Special Industrial Lubes, Drilling Compounds.

EMDAD LLC, the flagship company, has been active for over three decades in supporting the energy sector with cutting edge technologies
Products/Services :- Drilling & Production

powerful PCR200 crawler drill features a high performance PD200 drifter
Products/Services :- Pneumatic Crawler Drill,FRD Drifter-Hydro Drill