We are GMP certified manufacturer since 1981. We have wide range of herbal medicines ie. powder, capsule, tablet, granules, syrups, kasay, medicated oil, etc.
Products/Services :- Manufacturer Of Herbal Medicines

Nutra Organix Inc. Is a legal company of organic genuine herbal capsules and Best Quality herbal tea bags in reasonable price and 100% grantee safe by our production organic house in USA.
Products/Services :- Buy Tribulus Terrestris Capsules In Usa

Herbs Solutions By Nature offer Natural Herbal Treatment for diseases. Our Herbal Supplements are 100% natural without any mixing of chemicals. Herbs Solutions By Nature provide is approved by the expert herbalists who conduct detailed research on every ingredient used to manufacture a product.
Products/Services :- Health And Beauty

Hi, I am a manufacturer from Kerala with 21 years of legacy, who sells 100% ayurvedic products for rheumatism, diabetes, general wellness, sexual rejuvenators, hair oils, derma oils, immuno boosters, sinus oils, slimming capsules, uterine tonics, anti dandruff oils, bed sore oils etc upto 80 products. With completely automatic and hygienic machineries. We will be able to do bulk manufacturing for marketing or export. Please contact us for your requirements.
Products/Services :- Manufacturing And Marketing Of Herbal/Organic/Ayurvedic Medicines

We are the unani herbal product manufacturer in hyderabad india..we believe to help mankind ..
Products/Services :- Constipation.Weightloss .Piles

Best Ayurvedic Company of Year 2017
Products/Services :- Ayurvedic Herbal

Primo Veterinary Medicine supplies Dubai and the UAE with quality Horse medicines, Camel medicines, and general veterinary medicines to promote performance and overall health of your livestock, racing animals, and domestic pets. Primo carries only the highest quality medicines and feed additives for animals in order ensure optimal results. We distribute our products throughout the United Arab of Emirates and Gulf region.Our lineup of products are for horse stables, camel farms, chickens, and other livestock. Our medicines fall into two main categories, performance medicines, and health medicines.
Products/Services :- Horse & Camel Racing Medicines

we provide a variety of handmade customised soaps.looking for a market in middle east
Products/Services :- Handmade Soaps

Uziva Resources Limited is one of the leading exporters of Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola), Ginger and Shea Butter. Our products are mainly organic in nature and of very high quality.
Products/Services :- Bitter Kola, Ginger, Shea Butter

We are an organic farming, production and processing unit concentrating in Moringa oleifera, Costus pictus dried leaves and flour, Clitoria dried flower etc
Products/Services :- Producer Of Dried & Flour Of Moringa Leaf, Costus Pictus, Clitoria Dried Flower Etc