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We are Agrozer Co. as an incorporated manufacturing and associated of those group companies who have been working as an agricultural machines,submer sible motors&pumps and plastic core trays products group manufacturing and as one of the big producer of those manufacturing for domesticand international market since 2011 in Turkey. Agrozer Co. specializing in agricultural machines,submersible motors&pumps and plastic core trays products company plays a major role in these sectors in Turkey and abroad. Please visit to explore more about Agrozer Co. and view the catalogue of company which is one of the leader agricultural machines,submersible motors&pumps and core trays.

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Shipping to everywhere all over the world ,AIR FREIGHT,SEA FREIGHT,LAND FREIGHT,PACKING and STORING .

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Belleli S.p.A. achieved a leading position as highly reliable specialist in EPC services and manufacturing of process equipment since 1947.

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