" Cafe DESIRE " is a Manufacturer and Leading Corporate Beverage Partner in the Middle East. Our Products are Manufactured at our own HALAAL & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified Plant / Factory for the Next GEN Corporate Professionals. Karak Tea & Coffee Vending Machines offered by Cafe DESIRE are highest selling and best Coffee Machines available in the Industry. These automatic Karak Tea & Coffee Vending Machines are very Good, Convenient and Ideal for places like Small, Medium and Large Offices, Factories, Educational Institutions, Car Showrooms, Industrial Canteens, Hospitals, Software Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Cinema theaters and many other places.
Products/Services :- Karak Tea & Coffee Vending Machines

Roundup brings the global phenomenon of business trucks, food trucks and Leisure truck connecting to the globe as a one stop shop ! Currently the largest business & leisure solution on wheels, globally servicing business-service automotive industry with worldwide distribution rights including the official Airsteam and commercial vehicle factory converters . Custom solution Product and Services to each member clientele fitting all concepts, creative requirements and budgets. From Full Setup, Licensing legislations and truck laws, Branding, to simple rent to Buy Financing !
Products/Services :- Food Trucks Business

We are direct flour poducer and exporter company.We have big experience in manufacturing many types of flour,for example,All Purpose Flour,Type 55,Type 65,Type75,Biscuit Flour, Bread Flour,Whole Wheat Flour,Bran Flour,Rye Flour,Corn Flour,Cake Flour in 1kg,2 kg,5 kg,10 kg,22,5 kg,25 kg,45 kg and 50 kg pp or craft packages.etc. We use high protein Russian Wheat and High protein and high selected domestic wheat and blend them to get best wheat Flour. If you require different quality wheat flour, please apply us for information. We are currently exporting wheat flour to our many satisfied customers in East and South African Countries.
Products/Services :- Wheat Flour And Pasta Products

M/S Bio Force Employment. Licence No. Mpd/1857/Rwp Was Established In 1997, In Pakistan, And since Then, Has Specialized in the Overseas Hr Recruitment / Manpower Services with the Focus of Covering Not Only Pakistan, But across the Region for Hiring All Type of Skilled un-Skilled Labors in All Type of Sectors
Products/Services :- Rawalpindi

Traderston supplies rice of finest quality. They have branches all over UAE & Pakistan. They provide variety of long grained & scented Basmati rice at a broken percentage. They also provide Super Kernal Basmati rice with delicious taste at an affordable budget. That's why Traderston has a good reputation among all Pakistani rice exporters.
Products/Services :- Basmati Rice Exporter

Modern vending one of the leading vending operators in UAE specialized in supply of all kinds of coffee/tea vending, snack Vending, OCS machines, consumables, disposables required for such machines We supply quality reliable hot drink, snacks and can vending machines from leading manufactures to suit sites with 5~500 end users. Optional bespoke maintenance and operating agreements can be arranged to suit each clients need, and most importantly, budget.
Products/Services :- Vending Machines

Al Khatib Vending Company based in Dubai since 1996 is one of the leading vending operators in U.A.E. We are dealing with vending machines of different types that can be used in any location to serve you, your employees and/or your customers. These machines are of top quality European vending machines. These machines can offer hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks. We can supply your premises with any machine of your choice which can serve your people at your site with no or minimal cost on you,
Products/Services :- Vending machines services

Doctor Vending LLC is one of the leading companies in the country dealing in Foods, beverages and machines. We are in this industry since year 1994 and grown to a flourishing and expanding operation.We are totally committed to support our customers or agents who we see as our partners in progress. Since we started the company we have contract with Government departments as well as with other Multi National Companies.
Products/Services :- Vending machines & ingredients