Is to provide good drinking water for the military, relief agencies, civil defense, expeditionary teams of rural areas, contractors who have seashore projects, Natural and man made disaster management teams, & war displaced people.
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Welcome to So Safe Water Technologies, your trusted partner in water purification solutions. Committed to delivering excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge water filters and purifiers designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures the removal of harmful impurities and contaminants, providing you with pure, crystal-clear water for drinking, cooking, and more. With a relentless dedication to quality and innovation, we strive to set the standard for clean water solutions, promoting health and well-being in homes, offices, and communities worldwide.
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Advanced Watertek is a leading Water Treatment Company in UAE manufacturing robust Reverse Osmosis Systems, Filtration systems, Dosing Systems and more. It also provides reliable maintenance and spares of Water Treatment Systems in UAE.
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Aqua Hygiene Water Filter is engaged in water treatment and supplying a superior quality range of water filter products Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and All Kind Of Water Purifiers.
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Pure Aqua Water Treatment Equipment LLC providing Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Commercial & Industrial Water filtration, R.O plants, all kind Of Water Purifiers, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Sand Filter, Ultra Violet, Alkaline water purifiers, Water Ionizers, Ultra Filtration, Water Filter Cartridges, shower filters, Drinking water purifier and irrigation water filtration systems.
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WaTech is a company which is maintaining high standards of quality products. WaTech is a first company to achieve CE certificate for all RO products in India. Company is also associated with USA and Taiwan based water treatment companies for procurement of components and design of commercial RO & Domestic RO system. Company manufactures packaged RO system for Ground water, Borehole, Well, River and Tap water applications in standard capacities of portable water production from 8 LPH to 100000 LPH. We also manufactures RO with coolers, water filters with and without UV, softeners plants, DM plants in various capacities. We can design, manufacture and install customized systems to meet our client's requirements. WaTech has designed several Domestics
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Aqua Care Water Filter, we strive to offer the highest quality products in water treatment & Water Filtration Solution in Dubai UAE
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Aqua Pure Water Purifier & Filter Supplier is United Arab Emirates based distributor of water purification and water filtration processes systems, located in Dubai. We specialize in Reverse Osmosis Technology and the design of various advanced Water filtration systems. Hi-Tech Star Water Technology is a major and new corporate entrant in to the Middle Eastern Territory. "Hi-Tech Star Water Technology" is dedicated to encompass state of the art water processing technology to serve the wide range applications of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Water purification. Our broad product range includes Reverse Osmosis Systems, Numerous Water Filtration Systems, UV Water Filtration Systems, UV Sterilizers, Water Softeners, Fine Sediment removal, Fine Media and Specialty Cartridges
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At Aquacare we believe clean water and healthy environment are most important to pleasant living. Our goal is to provide best water filter products, so every home can have experience, satisfaction and taste of good water.
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Dubai Water Filter System UAE (Unite Arab Emirates) based Company engaged in water treatment and supplying a superior quality range of water filter products Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Sand Filter, Sea Water RO plants All Kind Of Water Purifiers, anti-hair fall shower filter, dandruff control hair shower filter and chlorine removal and Drinking water purifier and irrigation water filtration. In our range, R.O Aqua Life RO System UAE 6-Stages and 7-Stages Ultra Violet, Aqua Life RO System UAE R.O 200/300/400 GPD with Tank, Aqua Life RO System UAE water softener home system water softener. In Water Treatment our company is highly specialize in R.O, Filtration, and water softener and other products offered by us are Pioneers in this field.
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